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Why is Calibration Important?

Exposure to toxic gases and vapours injure hundreds of workers each year. The only way to ensure safe atmospheric conditions is to use a monitoring device. Like any precision instrument, gas detectors require frequent calibration to ensure the accuracy of the sensor, and the safety of the operator. Several factors may lead to inaccuracies in sensor readings such as sensors drying out or aging, or sensor poisoning.

Gas detectors are exposed to test gases in known concentrations to verify that the sensor is able to accurately measure and return information.

How often should devices be Calibrated?

Gas detectors are typically calibrated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy of readings and to prevent sensor drift.

The time in between calibrations can vary depending on the detector, the sensor, along with the environment that the device is being used in. Typically the manufacturer of your device will suggest the recommended time, however a general suggestion would be every 6 months.

Calibration Services

We stock a range of certified calibration gases for the calibration of personal gas monitors, boiler gas analyzers, and more, enabling a two day turn around on all periodic calibration requirements. We perform calibration in-house in our workshop in Cork, without the necessity to return the instruments to the manufacturer.

You will receive a Certificate of Calibration along with a copy of the Calibration Gas Certification upon completion of your Calibration.

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